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Mobile Marketing

The explosive growth in the mobile phone industry provides you with an unparalleled opportunity.

1. Can you survive one day without your mobile phone?…just barely!

2. Mobile phones have become a necessity, why don’t you use that to your advantage and beat you
competition to it! Go mobile!

3. Do you think it would harm your business to be found by mobile phone users when they search
for services you provide, while they are on the go, on the way to you… or your competitors!

Take a look at some of these facts – and see what the potential is for you!

Those on a mobile phone are 3 times more likely to purchase something than those on a computer.

3.4 billion people globally are on mobile… compared to only 500 million on Facebook (yes, this is 6.8 times bigger than Facebook!)

93% of the population has a mobile phone.
80% have a smart phone
73% of consumers WANT coupons and special offers delivered to their mobile devices (and most are NOT getting them!)
In some industries, 7 out of 10 shoppers check the store’s website while they’re in the retail establishment!
46% of shoppers checked competitors’website using a mobile device while in a bricks and mortar store

Mobile commerce is ALREADY approaching the same level of sales as online retail.

Unlike computers and televisions, mobile devices are the one medium that are always with people, whether the bathroom, the bedroom, or the car
For the 1st time ever, people are using their mobile devices online more than browsing with computers!
99% of businesses do not have a mobile friendly site.

Text open rates are 95% (email is 15-20%)

73% of people say text messaging is the most important feature of their phones. Email is passé…some university’s are stopping issung email addresses

Local business is all about mobile.

There is a shift in the way people are communicating. A mobile phone is an extension of the person.

50% of Social Media interaction is via mobile…the web is going with people on their smart phones.

Don’t you think they should be able to find your business on their mobile??

Can they??

Because if not, they can find your competitors!

Mobile Marketing

Easy Web Marketing will show you how to set up an effective and profitable Mobile Marketing program so you can catch this new and very large wave to success!