Email Marketing

Email Marketing

While it may seem dated, email marketing is a proven method for generating new business. Our Email Marketing solution allows you to fully maximize the value of your existing customers. The goal is to follow up and to build a relationship with your customers and to be seen as a trusted advisor. We’ll show you how to deepen the relationship with your clients while still implementing online direct marketing strategies. This way your clients are going to love you and they won’t hesitate to give you money again and again – as long as you nurture your relationship with them.

The same holds true for visitors that find your site. We’re going to show you how to capture their e-mail addresses and information so that you can automatically follow up with them. The goal is to convert your visitors into clients and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful methods online when it comes to making sales and building great relationships with clients and potential customers, yet so few businesses actually do it. They are missing out on some real nuggets of gold!

email marketing
Easy Web Marketing Sydney makes it easy for you to connect with your customers. Whether you want to send out product promotions or an email newsletter, discount vouchers, special promotions, press releases or conduct customer surveys, we’ll help you to easily get your message across while maintaining a lasting relationship with your client base.

Email Marketing

We use very powerful tools and software to serve all your email marketing needs. Effective email marketing will improve your sales and drive your business to new prospects. Here are just some of the services that are ready for you:

    • Sophisticated Reporting and Tracking – Find out how many people open your emails and who’s clicking on your links
    • Automatic Newsletter and Email Delivery once your prospect signs up
    • We will create convincing and powerful email copy
    • Build and manage your email list of prospects
    • Create an email marketing strategy and plan, and so much more!


A customised lead capture form and an optimised website can help transform your website into a sales and lead machine – it’s an easy solution to implement that delivers powerful, measurable results. That’s why successful businesses use them!