Google 1st Page

The Power of Google… has never been more alluring.

Google 1st Page


If you don’t know something, you Google it.

If you’re looking for something, you Google it.
If you have a website, you absolutely must do everything possible to get onto the 1st Page of every major search engine. And it is a LOT easier than you think!

Being on the 1st Page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, will improve your ROI, increase your brand image and get you more customers!

Fact: more than half of search engine users will click on the very first page of results and the top 3-5 positions get the majority of traffic.

Far too many people spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful website that never gets found. Is that you?

Nearly 50% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top brands in their field.

Being at the top of the 1st Page is critical to help potential clients find your website, but also provide them with an increased sense of leadership in your field.

There are 3 main routes to the top.

1. Expensive Pay per Click ad campaigns. You may already be using these and know that conversion rates are typically very low, so you end up spending a lot of money, for very little result. Pay per Click is becoming increasingly expensive and competitive and getting to the top of the ads will undoubtedly cost a fortune.
2. Claim your Business Listing. It is easy to do, BUT it needs to be done properly. If you don’t, your results will be very disappointing!
3. Optimise your website so it is found by and friendly towards the robots that circle the world wide web looking for the most relevant sites. It’s not rocket science, although most people will try and make out it is, so they can charge huge fee. It’s simple and will result in lots of good, qualified leads to your business.

If you are tired of poor results from costly and time consuming PPC campaigns, you absolutely MUST get your business onto the 1st Page.

We will show you how.

Google 1st Page


Google 1st Page